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Hey! I’m Craig Silverman, a national reporter with ProPublica, former media editor of BuzzFeed News, and a bunch of other stuff.

As the title says, this newsletter is focused on digital investigations: tips and techniques, examples of great reporting on disinformation and digital deception, links to resources, and occasional analysis of the digital ecosystem. It’s free, and hope you stay with me.

I’ve been researching and reporting on verification, media manipulation, disinformation, and open source investigative techniques since the early days of blogging. I train journalists around the world in digital investigative techniques, and teach a course on the topic for the journalism department of Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). I also edit the Verification Handbook series from the European Journalism Centre.

This newsletter actually dates back to 2014, when I was running emergent.info, a real-time rumor tracker and research project. (Here’s the resulting research paper.) Then it became the Fake Newsletter for BuzzFeed News. Now, after a brief stop at Revue, I’ve hopefully found a permanent home on Substack.

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Reporter at ProPublica. I investigate platforms, disinfo, digital manipulation. Editor of the Verification Handbook series, digital investigations nerd.